Ahead of the holiday shopping season, Sharper Image turned to TV to promote its newest massage line and get on consumers’ wish lists. TV is one of the most effective mediums to launch and differentiate a product in a crowded space.

With much of its advertising budget dedicated to other channels, Sharper Image needed to make the most of its available TV dollars. MDG was tasked with creating awareness and driving retail foot traffic to move units off retail shelves — with a limited budget and during the most competitive time of the year for TV advertising.


MDG deployed direct response tactics to secure high-profile media placements at extremely efficient rates. After negotiation and station selection, we used a pulsing strategy to stretch the budget and build momentum. With ads running in nimble intervals of three weeks on and one week off, the awareness from the airtime drove point-of-purchase sales throughout the flight, even during “dark” weeks.

As sales grew, MDG optimized the buy on a weekly basis by measuring impressions, adjusting the audiences and arranging the dayparts to achieve maximum performance out of the spend.

After two weeks on air, Sharper Image saw a 20% lift in retail sales and a 25% increase on Amazon. As the Christmas holiday approached, retail sales grew by 30%, and Amazon sold out of product.



30% lift in retail sales + SOLD OUT of product on Amazon by Christmas

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