Tractor Supply trailed competitors in brand awareness and needed to reposition the company’s perception with consumers – while still maintaining authenticity with its existing loyalists.

While many large advertisers paused or scaled back media, Tractor Supply Company took MDG’s recommendation to leverage video and gain market share.


MDG developed a diversified media plan marrying multiple video channels, including television, streaming, targeted sponsorships, franchise-level integrations, and on-site activations — all negotiated and purchased at lower rates based on MDG’s performance focus and expertise. With this customized approach, Tractor Supply’s business exploded.

The aggressive strategy paid off with same store sales growth, expansion into new markets, increased brand awareness, and successfully targeting new audiences. Average transaction, ticket growth, net sales and profits all saw significant increases in the company’s momentum surge.

Optimizing existing media while simultaneously adding new branding networks and sponsorship channels continues to drive YoY growth and business expansion.



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